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A good kitchen helps you lose weight and weight loss cleanse

Health and nutrition: Consistency

On May 30, 2017, the national bodybuilding championship was held in New York. A large black male who will go un named won this championship because of his amazing strength and the shape of his body. In a snapchat video this man was seen giving advice to the public. He said “Consistency with your workouts and nutrition is the only way to obtain a stainless steel body like mine” and he was not lying. There is no way anyone in the world is going to achieve a greek god like physique without consistent hard work. This is no secret.
What most people do not know is that there is a way in which one can save significant time when working on their body. This is a technique called fasting. Fasting has been around for centuries, Jesus fasted for 40 as recorded in the Bible. However, this type of fasting that I speak of is very different that the type of fasting Jesus did. This is called intermediate fasting, and the objective is for a human to not eat for two meals, in order to suppress his or her appetite over the course of time.
Nutritionists have found that whoever decides they are going to indulge in the eating of large portions, is signing their death wish. Whenever you eat a large portion, you are reseting your brains settings and telling it that what makes you full/satisfied is the amount you just ate. This means that if you eat very large portions for long enough, your brain will think that the only thing that will make you happy is a very large amount of food. The amount in of itself is excessive and not necessary, but you have not tricked your brain into thinking that it is.
Intermediate fasting does the opposite of this, it tells your brain that you don’t need food even when you do, to create a more realistic appetite. Instead of getting a stomach surgery in which your appetite is forced to shrink, you are exercising self control in order to create a more balanced lifestyle and a healthier you! Is not that exciting?
Yes, it is very exciting! All one needs to do intermediate fasting is a will and… nothing else! Intermediate fasting does not require an expensive monthly subscription to a health service. There is no meal substitute or intensive video training, it is sheer will!. Once you shrink your appetite, you can substitute a meal 3 times a week with a fast. This will help control your appetite and continue to make you more healthy.
Now, I may have scared you off talking about not eating! Do not worry, there are a few other methods that I am going to discuss that will help you clean out your body, decrease your appetite, and lose weight!
This first method being nutritional cleansing.
Have you ever wondered what a nutritional cleanse is? Well, I am going to dive deep into what makes or breaks a nutritional cleanse.
A nutritional cleanse is a diet created for people looking to lose weight and clean toxins out of their body. Nothing says “kill my self” more than a nutritional cleanse. These diets are packed full of gross looking green smoothies that will make the healthiest of moms want to barf. No matter how many times they tell you “it actually tastes good try it” when doing one of these diets, never believe them. Do not set your expectations high on the taste of the food, because you are going to be really really let down. This cleanse is in my opinion, more difficult than a fast. But it will do the trick for your body. Most of the testimonials I have heard from people that have done nutritional cleanses have been those of dramatic success. People stated that overall they had much more energy, and their body just felt a lot better. They lost a ton of weight, and can finally do things that in the past they couldn’t (like dunking a basketball).
In conclusion, diets are great, fasting is easier. If one decided to add excersise to these activities, no doubt their results would be out of the wa zoo. The benefits of deciding to run, alongside deciding to diet or fast, are some of the most staggering results ever seen by man.