ProductSoda Sesame Crackers
ManufacturerHello Jello Food Manufacturing SDN, BHD.
Country of OriginMalaysia
Affected StoresVarious
ReasonExcessive sodium cyclamate content
PackagingSoda Sesame Crackers
Action TakenImport refused

Chemicals/Additives: Sodium Cyclamate

Quantity 390.0000 PPMParts Per Million, Limit

Sodium cyclamate is a water-soluble, odorless, white substance that is commonly used as an artificial sweetener.  Exposure to the substance can rersult in damage to mucous membranesmembranes and irritation to the digestive tract, as well as possible softening of the stools, photosensitization, and chromosomal changes.  Some research has shown that pregnant women who consume high amounts of sodium cyclamate may be at an increased risk of having a child affected by developmental defects.

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